About me

I started my career as a graphic designer with a vast experience in advertising and publishing field. Back in the day, my coworkers and I would browse the web during our downtime and create a profile for every “exciting” new social media sites that pop up. As we know, a lot of them flopped and only a few survived and eventually thrived – >like facebook, youtube, twitter, etc. Then many years later, people start realizing that social media can be used as a tool for marketing. For this reason, I took my career online to focus on assisting more small businesses and solopreneurs who can’t find time to create and set up a Facebook or Twitter page let alone update posts every day or every week. My passion is to help startup and small business owners build and manage their social media presence. You must have an online presence to build a successful online business.

When I’m not online my interests include photography, knitting, crocheting, travel, holistic health & wellness, pets, browsing online stores and shopping with friends!:)

Here are more random facts about me:

■ I’m an adult TCK(Third Culture Kid) – lived in 4 countries before turning 18 (I’m on my 5th home). This makes traveling very much alive in my veins.

■ I have 2 cats called Brooke and Leo.

■ I hate burning my tongue so I avoid piping hot food or beverage.

■ I’m ambidextrous (can equally use my left and right hand) .

■ I’m married to my wonderful husband.

■ I love my tech gadgets.

■ Being a holistic health enthusiast runs in my family.

■ I love Japanese, Thai and Korean cuisine!

■ The beach makes me very happy and calm.

What about you? 😃 Let’s follow each other on Pinterest and Instagram.